Artist Statement

I have always loved art. I have always loved creating art. That was not always obvious to me. It seemed to be an artist you had to be different. Then I realized that everyone was different and that really art was just another form of risk-taking, not so different from any other occupation. And if I never took that risk I would never know if I could be successful. Luckily, so far, my risks have all been worth it. And the beauty of painting is that the reward is in the work.

Painting is an enjoyable and challenging process. It involves constant decisions and immediate results. Personal by its nature in that one must paint to please oneself, that is the only way painting works. Painting brings a balance to my busy-with-children life; they complement each other.

I am very inspired by atmosphere, light, shapes, and color, and of their mixtures. I love observing color combinations in nature (doesn’t everyone?!) So I hope that my paintings remind the viewer of places and feelings that they have seen and felt that are pleasant and peaceful, because plainly that is what I like!

Peggy finds working on a large scale challenging and exciting. In such a format, she feels that her observations of nature can find their true expression. Her impressionistic style captures the soft, gentle aspects of the landscape around her, while her subject matter – that of orchards, gardens, the rolling hills and wild flowers of the Columbia River Gorge enhances and complements her lyrical brushstroke.

Summer in the Gorge, there is no place like it! I love it here in the Summer. Well, I have to say I love it here all year round, that is why I live here and have forever! But there is something about summer that brings out the colors and the life of everything here…